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1. Reinforce Brand Attributes

Corporate videos are the most effective way of reinforcing brand attributes and projecting the brand personality. It is a creative means of conveying a message to your employees, clients and partners. An intensive pre-production process can ensure a compelling film through shots of employees, product, customers, testimonials, case studies and many other elements.

2.Engage Customers

Nowadays Customers look for ways to engage with a brand on a personal level. A corporate video that appeals to the customers through their aspirations can strike an emotional chord with them.

3.Internet Traffic trend speculation recommends it.

Cisco- all hail the Prophet of the Digital Age, brought in its leading experts to track the trends of future internet traffic.  Their predictions reveal that by 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be video content.  All the more reason to have a corporate video embedded on your company website.

4.Viral Marketing

Why emphasize opting for a professionally crafted corporate video? Because a well made video has the potential to go viral and attract new customers! You can simply whip out an iPhone and get away with a zero budget film or hire an ad film production house assigning a reasonable ballpark figure for the sake of budgeting. Both will yield a finished film but to be persuasive it has to be believable, and higher production values make the film more believable.

Budgeting Tip: If the client has a certain style and other specifications, a similar corporate video for reference will help estimating the budget.

5.Expand your reach

A well made corporate video has multiple uses. Not only does it support your digital marketing endeavor but also helps in promotion offline at Trade shows and serves as a short and effective sales deck to potential customers. A video expands your reach beyond boundaries unimaginable.

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Mani Jewels, a renowned name in Diamond manufacturing, importing and exporting showcased their latest collection at IIJS 2015. They house a variety of designs in Diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuffs, bangles and rings and are very reasonable with their pricing.

Check out their amazing team in the pictures below that makes Mani Jewels what it is!

Mani Jewels Mani Jewels

Myra – The Diamond Studio showcased their dazzling jewelry at IIJS 2015. Their exquisite designs and delicately crafted diamond jewelry was the reason of their booth being one of the busiest at the trade fair.

Brand Shape team, as part of our marketing initiative, visited their booth to get an insight into the brand. We met Mr. Dhiraj Parwani who gave us a walk through of the collection.

Myra – The Diamond Studio is located at Khar, Mumbai. Do visit them for your exclusive diamond requirements.

Myra - The Diamond Studio

Ace Jewellery designer Laksh Pahuja has won many awards and accolades for his avant garde designs. We at Brand Shape were privileged to meet him at the recently concluded India International Jewelry show 2015 and treat our eyes with brilliant jewelry crafted by him and manufactured by Gemma Jewels, by Haresh Pahuja.

Pahuja’s contemporary designs definitely were eye catching and the ones to adorn them would make many heads turn. Check out some of his creations in the pictures below. You can also like his facebook page  here to stay updated and see designs never seen and never made before.

Laksh Pahuja Gemma Laksh Pahuja Gemma Laksh Pahuja Gemma