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1.Theme or concept

What needs to be photographed? The subject of the shoot can be a product, service or a project. What sales initiatives will these images fulfill? What features, traits or viewpoints need s to be highlighted? Sketching, drawing and dreaming about it certainly helps. Carrying a book around to jot down ideas as they occur is also effective because ideas can escape your mind if not written down.

2.Client Approval

Once you know exactly what the client needs, the first step is to create an estimate for them, quoting costs for every factor and all manpower involved in the shoot. You must be very detail oriented when putting the budget together because once the client agrees to the final budget you present, anything you miss will either come out of your pocket or surprise the client as an additional expense. Use this estimate to make a production checklist to work off of. It should include photography creative and usage fees, the expenses for models, hair, makeup, wardrobe, travel (if applicable), assistants, catering, props, equipment rental, location fees, and post-production fees.


3. Preproduction process

11060013_897502920303115_1934133962696247513_nTime is money, therefore it saves money if you are extremely prepared for  the shoot. In the beginning, a shot list may take the form of a scrapbook with  photos, notes, printed web pages, setup diagrams, and roughly illustrated  concepts for reference. But as one grows as an artist, they transition from a  physical shot list to a purely mental one. With enough experience shooting all kinds of people, styles, locations and lighting, you’ll have enough expertise to let your instincts guide you.


Decide on what type of personality do you want the subject to project. A model can either make or break the shoot. Evaluate what other talents the model possessing can help execute the campaign better. Models can be acquired trough agencies, websites or even groups on Facebook. Since posting casting calls and getting replies is convenient. Clients often like to be a part of the casting process.

5.Make Up and Styling12079180_897502190303188_6298619977084670413_n

If you don’t have a glam team that can give the flawless and professional touch to the project, simply ask the agency that represents the talent to put you in touch with one. A wardrobe stylist, a makeup artist and hair stylist are indispensable part of a photo shoot.


6.Photography elements

Construct a mood board and list options of poses and lighting that are suggestive of the theme. The location of the shoot will play a big part in how well the photo shoot is executed depending on whether its an outdoor or indoor shoot. Figuring out the lighting arrangement in advance is recommended.


Staying in touch with the whole crew and the providers of the equipment rented out is paramount since the looming possibility of someone or something being unavailable can drastically change the shoot or delay it.

8.Post production process11816827_861256757261065_2350077022652488131_n

Post production can be just a hassle free color correction or a time consuming task of Photoshop depending on the concept. Every photo shoot has post production process unique to it as a certain stylistic endeavor is different.

The Royal Gharana brings together a lady and her perpetual hankering for jewellery in the most exquisite manner.

Dipti Amisha is a jewellery brand found by Dipti Jhaveri in 2006. Their recent line revamps what our dreams are made of. It is a fusion of classical India and the penchant for the magnificent old British era. Inspired by the Mughals, we can also spot hints of  ère française.

We at Brand Shape conjoined with Dipti Amisha to launch its print campaign on the occasion of the opening of their new store at Opera House, Mumbai.

We conceptualized and created a theatrical advert as well which was played at numerous cinema halls in South Bombay. We facilitated them with media buying and media planning of hoardings at prominent locations in South Bombay.


The theme of the campaign comes from their collection called Royal Gharana. The endorsement with its baronial musical beats, opulent costumes and of course the jewellery takes us back in time to a royal epoch with Queens and Princesses. It does justice to the intricate design and detailing of Dipti Amisha Jewellery. The ad captivates you and leaves you mesmerised with a curiosity and thirst for more luxury.


Coming up with an idea for the advertisement wasn’t a challenge because the jewellery screams Royal. It was the delivery and shoot to bring that across was what demanded more contemplation. The trick was to raise it to a plush level and balance it in a way so as to let the jewellery steal all the attention. The actual confrontation was covering their best pieces in 30 seconds. We covered approximately 17 stunning pieces of which 9 were necklaces. We also to manifested versatility with the pieces. Some were massive and majestic while others bore the true colors of class.

For the campaign photo shoot we tried to create a set similar to their new store so that our audience could par take the authentic experience. Our client wanted to demonstrate a monarchical aura for the shoot. For this, we had quite a few sessions where we put our heads together and sketched over fifteen sets with the art director till we could concede to one that was sans pareil.

We also administer their PR and publicize them in print media on several magazines and publications. Some of our achievements are as follows.

Radhika Apte was spotted wearing a Dipti Amisha gold coin neck piece for Cine Blitz magazine. Dipti Amisha was featured in DNA After Hrs as well as a PR display in Absolute India Newspaper. YOU AND I magazine covered their store launch in their November 2015 edition. Ritz magazine did a coverage of their new store at Opera House in their December issue. Juhi Chawla recently wore one of their signature earrings at Preity Zinta’s wedding reception.


We also facilitated a full page feature for L’Officiel’s special story dedicated to famous monuments of the world. Miss Jhaveri designed a pendant inspired by the ‘Petra of Jordan’ that was featured in their April 2016 Issue.

Women empowerment, that’s what the nation today is talking about and taking it a step further, hitting the nail right for the upcoming Olympics at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, leading sports shoe brand ‘Nike’ launches its latest campaign, ‘Da Da Ding’.

The 2:52 minute video features Indian women sports leaders and sort of leading the pack of these strong women is Deepika Padukone donning her Badminton Cap and training hard.  However it’s not the Bollywood Diva who steals that limelight here. She is placed equally with the other heroes including the Captain of the Indian Women’s cricket team Hamanpreet Kaur, Medium bowler Shubhalakshmi Sharma, Left hand batsman Smriti Mandhana, Squash player Joshna Chinappa, Athlete Shweta Hakke, Hockey player Rani Rampal, Miss Indian Premier League Gabriella Demetriades, Surfer Ishita Malaviya, Jaie Bhadane, ace pacer Naina Mansukhani, fitness trainer Swetha Subbiah, Footballer Jyoti Ann Burrett, youngest stott pilate trainer Namrata Purohit and London based Indian footballer Tanvie Hans who are making the nation proud and breaking the moulds created by the predominantly male dominating Indian society are the real stars of the campaigns.

That for us makes this campaign a winner all the way delivering the brand message just right.

That said, instead of Deepika, the brand could have easily opted for a more popular sport personality like Sania Mirza or Saina Nehwal and kept Bollywood at bay. If the product and the spirit of sportsmanship is what the focus was, why not? Padukone doesn’t distract here, as she is shown like one of the atheletes, however, she is glamour, she is Bollywood and no denying the fact that somewhere the presence of a Bollywood celeb creates a staged impression on the viewers mind. The film loses its honesty.

Technically speaking, the Video is shot extremely well that gives an adrenaline rush to the viewer. The mood is dark and hard hitting screaming that Women now don’t take No for an answer, do not loose hope, are go-getters and are breaking conventional boundaries. It inspires young girls to take up sports. The plot, concept, and the execution is spot on.

‘Da Da Ding’ was initially launched on the digital platform but now can also be seen on leading English channels. The Print campaign will be launched to with hoardings at premium locations in the nation.