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1. Reinforce Brand Attributes

Corporate videos are the most effective way of reinforcing brand attributes and projecting the brand personality. It is a creative means of conveying a message to your employees, clients and partners. An intensive pre-production process can ensure a compelling film through shots of employees, product, customers, testimonials, case studies and many other elements.

2.Engage Customers

Nowadays Customers look for ways to engage with a brand on a personal level. A corporate video that appeals to the customers through their aspirations can strike an emotional chord with them.

3.Internet Traffic trend speculation recommends it.

Cisco- all hail the Prophet of the Digital Age, brought in its leading experts to track the trends of future internet traffic.  Their predictions reveal that by 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be video content.  All the more reason to have a corporate video embedded on your company website.

4.Viral Marketing

Why emphasize opting for a professionally crafted corporate video? Because a well made video has the potential to go viral and attract new customers! You can simply whip out an iPhone and get away with a zero budget film or hire an ad film production house assigning a reasonable ballpark figure for the sake of budgeting. Both will yield a finished film but to be persuasive it has to be believable, and higher production values make the film more believable.

Budgeting Tip: If the client has a certain style and other specifications, a similar corporate video for reference will help estimating the budget.

5.Expand your reach

A well made corporate video has multiple uses. Not only does it support your digital marketing endeavor but also helps in promotion offline at Trade shows and serves as a short and effective sales deck to potential customers. A video expands your reach beyond boundaries unimaginable.

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With 5 Showrooms pan India and a strong dealer network, F & F Global pvt ltd is a big name in the Home furnishing industry. Brand Shape team was privileged to witness its two brands Divine and A’dress at HGH India 2015. Founded in 1984, F&F cater to Hotels, clubs, banquets, Multiplexes, Auditoriums, Spiritual Sites and Offices with customized requirement for Fabrics, rugs and wall to wall carpets.

They have a full blown designing team in-house and claim to meet international standards. With quality, style forms an important component of their products and that’s where they stand out.

F&F Global F&F Global F&F Global F&F Global

Catering to their niche target market is a luxury home furnishing brand ‘My Home Collections’ by SBS group. They claim to be the largest producers of handmade and machine made rugs and carpets with an advanced production unit of 40,000 work personnel. Brand Shape team met their National Head – Marketing, Mr. Ashok KS Rathore who shared that the brand has been serving Indian as well as the International market since 1971. Apart from rugs and carpets, My Home Collections also has bed covers, comforters, quilts, curtains, cushions and other home décor accessories to offer.

To know more, log on to their website www.thehomecollections.com

My Home Collections My Home Collections My Home Collections My Home Collections My Home Collections

Pampering India with comfort bedding and luxury bath linen is a well known Home textile brand Blush. Brand Shape team met the COO of Jak Pa Ventures LLP, the parent company, Ms. Manisha Parikh who humbly gave us a walkthrough of their lavish stall put up at HGH, Mumbai. They offer a huge array of products at good quality and marginal prices. The designs were striking and would definitely be the highlight of your home décor.

You can shop Blush online on their website www.blushhomes.com and all other top e-commerce website. They also retail through all major dealer networks pan India.Blush



Founded in 1922, Aawrun offers a comprehensive range of Home furnishing and accessories with their hero products being cushion covers and ready-made curtains. Brand Shape team met their administrative head Mr. Subroto Das at HGH, 2015 held at NESCO grounds, Mumbai who shared with us about the brand.

Aawrun retails through national specialty home stores like Shoppers Stop and Pantaloon and also have a e-store www.aawrun.com. Apart from that their products are also available online at FabFurnish.com, PepperFry.com, Flipkart.com, Snapdeal.com and many more.

Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/aawrun.furnishings for latest updates.

Aawrun  AawrunAawrun